ATM – Official Trailer


When three friends stop at an cash machine late at night, they get trapped and stalked upon by a mystery assailant and are left fighting for their lives.

Originality is not always the horror genres strongest point, but ATM’s execution will be its key. When everyone scoffed at the idea of Joel Schumacher’s ‘Phone Booth’ and its proposed abilty to hold an audience as its main character spends 99% of the movie trapped in a single location – he shone through and made one of the most original & celebrated movies of 2002. ATM attempts to replicate the same suspense and claustrophobic inclusion ‘Phone Booth’ stirred in audiences; by taking away the context of the outside world, viewers are drawn into a linear mindset, solely focused on the films lead characters and the minute by minute struggles they encounter.

ATM hits On demand services on March 2nd and we will find out if it lives up to the hype and the strength of the trailer. You can check out the preview below and find out more at IMDB.