Mickey Moonlight


Following last years ‘Love Pattern’ EP and before that ‘Interplanetary Music’ (described by The Guardian as “the thinking fan’s pop moment of 2008), Ed Banger has just released Mickey Moonlight’s debut album ‘and The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation’…

Renowned for his esoteric but ecstatic DJ sets and highly imaginative re-rubs for the likes of Connan Mockasin, Franz Ferdinand, Tame Impala and label mates Justice, as well as uncountable producing credits, we thought it was time to have a chat with Mr Moonlight…

Hello there, hows things?

Great! Thank you!

You have an oddly titled album coming out, can you explain the name?

It’s the name of the company I work for as a technician.

Any singular influence on the album?

My biggest influences in making the album were Science Fiction authors, not musicians.

To me the album is like a collection of images, fragments of stories. There’s tales of biotech companies, artificial lovers, voluntary euthanasia, cosmic ambivalence, Discordian folk songs, time travel field recordings and psychedelic pattern-music.

Favourite collaboration on the album?

I don’t think I can really pick a favourite. I loved working with everyone! ‘Close to Everything’ featuring George Lewis Jnr (aka Twin Shadow) was the first single.

How has it been working with the Ed Banger crew?

Great! It means a lot to me to be on Ed Banger. Pedro and Amandine are the nicest people. It’s a pleasure to deal with them and that’s more important than anything. Of course it’s lucky that they also do an amazing job! There’s nowhere I’d rather be.

What’s been on your stereo in 2011?


My favourite albums of the year are Rustie – Crystal Swords and Grouper – Alien Observer. My favourite club singles for DJing are Blwan – What You Do With What You Got and Sam Tiba – 420 (all Marble releases have been amazing). Other stuff I’ve been listening to a lot…. Kool Keith (to me he’s the greatest MC ever who shames all the boring unimaginative big names), Julie London, AFX Analord vinyls, Sandro Perri, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Justice, and Jon Hassell.

and… what do you fully expect to dominate your playlists in 2012?

I hope to be surprised. But otherwise… the Kindness album should be dominating everyone’s playlists. Also: Breakbot, Zongamin, MC Gaffe, Aphex Twin, and Kwes.

What does 2012 hold for you? Big tour?

I’m DJing lots. Finishing producing the Hypnolove album for Record Makers. Helping with the Zongamin album. A few interesting remixes. Then I want to record my next album, which I intend to do really quickly. I’m writing things at the moment.

Hope it all goes well man, keep it up & take care.


‘AND THE TIME AXIS MANIPULATION CORPORATION’ is out now on Ed Banger, you can find out more about Mickey at mickeymoonlight.com and check out the oddball album preview (infomercial) below.