Graffiti Cocktail Shaker


Picture the scenario. Your tagging a new wall deep in the underground of London, your buddies surround you spraying their logos and creating art on every conceivable blank concrete canvas; you suddenly have a hankering for a nicely shaken cosmo. Wanting to maintain your street cred and not appear too fancy in front of your acquaintances, you suppress your taste for cocktails and carry on unfulfilled, your mouth becoming increasingly more arid as the minutes go by…

Well, it doesn’t have to happen to you. Enter designer William Kellogg’s Graffiti can cocktail shaker. Stainless steel, holding 14 ounces, 9″ tall x 3″ diameter with built-in strainer, what more could you want? A less pathetic segway into a lazy post about a one dimensional product? Tough!

Available in the US from the MCA store and from Firebox in the UK, you can grab this bad boy for around £20.

graffiti cocktail