An interview with Dom Flannigan



Dominic Flannigan is the (co-founder and art director of LuckyMe and 1/2 ofThe Blessings), we caught up with him recently to discuss the label, its future and how he became involved in the Becks Green Box project – Protein.

The cultural commission programme will see Beck’s fund hundreds of individual Green Box Projects from aspiring artists/musicians/designers on a global scale. To find out more you can check out this video.

The project launched on independence day (with a huge 200ft digital sculpture by Arne Quinze on the Statue of Liberty) – and from now on boxes will begin popping up across London, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Rome.

Dom got an invite to project for his work at Lucky me, a record label and artist collective based in Scotland who throw and play shows and art direct in fashion and music, to explain more about his creation and Lucky Me’s Ethos, we sat down with Dom for a chat.

Hey Dom, hows things?

Very good. Thanks.

You’ve recently created a piece for the Beck’s Green Box project, how did you get involved?

The same way we get anything being based in Scotland. An email dropped upon us. No one comes up here to tell us anything.

Whats the idea behind the “All Seeing Eye”?

So the idea is that you look at the Green Boxes on the street, through your phone. And above it you see a 2.5M eye floating in the sky. Each is a 3D representation of the B side of our labels for each of our records. Tom Konx Om Pax helped me animate them in such a way as to give each sphere a texture, and a style of movement sympathetic to the music. To conceive not just an object but a character for the music was the idea.

Does it reflect the ethos of the Lucky me camp?

I think it does in that it involves all of us and it’s not limited to the music. It’s motivated by the music but we’ve worked up all this imagery around what the musicians do. We’ve tried to convey something about the music in an innovative way.

What do you reckon to the other Green Box Participants so far? Anything caught your eye?

The Kenneth Cappello work is great. I’ve been a fan of his as long as I remember through his work for Supreme. He’s immortalising his pet Chihuahua on the work – which is excellent. Like he’s trying to make his own pet a huge icon like Hello Kitty. At the risk of over intellectualising I thought it funny, when young guys like us are asked to perform at these big fine art projects and we do something really instinctive – it could be seen as really vacuous because it’s just seen as ‘cool’. But I actually think it’s great because with Kenneth for instance, he’s totally softening all the technology and making something that’s just cute and iconic for the sake of being cute and iconic.

What do you see Lucky me venturing into in the future? Anything big planned? Or more Music, art & parties for now?

I’m so wary of jinxing anything. Hip Hop guys always seem to run their mouth in interviews and then projects never materialise. I saw that loads as a kid reading magazines. So allow me to be quite vague in my answer: in the last few weeks we got confirmation of some great touring next year, more art commissions and of course we’re always working on music. We got Lunice, ANGO, Machinedrum EPs still to come this year. We’re working with Hudson Mohawke again on a little boutique project before he takes over with his album on Warp. We’re still doing a bunch of associated design for all our artists on other labels. Our label recently got involved in remixing some major label hip hop finally and we’re yet to see how that comes out. So yeah, on all fronts things are looking great right now. It’s not tinged with the naive excitement like we had back in 2008 when everything blew up for us but like, everything we do now seems to place us in a better position. 2012 should be a good one. We’re able to live on this shit now and that’s a pretty incredible feeling.

Do you have an artist that’s firmly fixed in your radar right now? Someone you cant get enough of?

ANGO. Nepotism I know, but if he was anywhere else I would love this guys music. Another Montreal signing, he writes and sings RnB but his beats are more house and bass music. He tours with Jacques Greene as the other half of the live hardware show and is also in a group with Lunice and Prison Garde. He’s already recorded with Katy B when at RBMA. It’s gonna be great watching us freak out real underground dance music fans again by making shit that’s deep and smart but is in my opinion perfect pop music.

Thanks for chatting. Take care.

And you.