Shake Aletti



Shake Aletti are Steve & Scott, they hail from Sheffield and the boys have already made significant waves in a short time. From working with the like’s of Roots Manuva & Toddla T, remixing Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding & Róisín Murphy, been chosen to play the Radio 1 introducing stage at Sonar Festival, receiving a nomination from the Mercury Music Prize panel as a “one to watch”, not to mention putting out some banging singles and EP’s.

We thought it was time we had a quick chat to find out more…

Hey guys, Hows things at the minute?

Hey! Yeah things are great right now!! Merci!

For anyone that doesn’t already know, where does the name come from? Bit unusual isn’t it?

Ahh. Yep the name is taken from the legendary Vince Aletti. He was (and still is) a proverbial ‘Big Dog In The Game’. Look him up!

You’ve got a new EP out, Inside Out, how does it differ from your early releases?

It came out on Monday yeah! I think its more the direction we’ve always wanted to go in. It’s more of a song than anything we’ve released in the past maybe?

Is this the perfect example of your sound? if not how would you describe your sound?

Well our sound has developed quite a bit recently. We spent some time really getting into the route of where we wanted to be with it. Our influences are still the same though I think!

You guys are part of that fast becoming rare breed that’s making electronic music as a live band? Did you want to avoid the DJ route for a reason?

We love to DJ as well, so its not that. I think we went the live path because its fun above anything else. Its a great way to put your music out there too.

You could only do a DJ set of all your own material if your Tiga.

How’d you guys get hooked up with the MODA guys?

Andy and Jay were into what we we’re doing, so they put us in touch with the label side, and it just went from there really!

What’s next for you boys? Album in the works?

Exactly that! We live in the studio most days right now getting it all together!

I look forward to the 2012 and seeing what you guys bring, take care.

Thanks very much! We appreciate the support!