Cults – Go Outside



With their debut, self-titled album, New York duo Cults have more than justified the hype that’s been swirling around them ever since they appeared out of nowhere and anonymously dropped three tracks of off-kilter pop last spring.

“To me, death is not a fearful thing…it’s living that’s treacherous” a quote from Jonestown guru Jim Jones kicks off the eerie Xylophone led introduction into one of what may be the summers biggest hits.

It’s the perfect combination of defiance and sweetness, and just goes to show once again what sets Cults apart from the rest of the pack. Even more excitingly, the single will come backed with 2 mixes of the track, from Two Bears and Luca C & Brigante.

Cults self titled debut is out now and you can check out the single ‘Outside’ above. For more info about Cults visit