Giggs – Live At The Old Blue Last


Vice’s latest project with their seemingly never ending deal’s with Intel & Dell is NOISEY a new music discovery tool – not in a “You love this band, well here’s a band vaguely in the same genre, with similar themes and lyrics” way, but in a “Smorgasbord of musicians old and new laid out for you to dip in and out of as you feel”.

Their latest post is an exclusive performance and profile of Giggs, the South London rapper who has been turning the heads of the music industry and (more controversially) the police in the last few years. Emerging from prison in 2003 after spending two years incarcerated for a firearm offence, he has been consistently tracked by Operation Trident, the task force which originally caught him out – they reportedly called XL (his label) on the eve of his signing trying to pressure them into changing their minds and he has had UK tours cancelled due to them allegedly calling venues and warning of elevated crime levels and danger at his shows.

But all press is good press right? It would seem so, his profile is higher than ever and his work has attracted UK & US stars left and right wanting to working with him – collaborating with the likes of Mike Skinner, Wiley, Tinie Tempah & B.O.B.

You can check out the NOISEY mini doc & live videos below; filmed at the Old Blue Last in London, and find out more about Giggs at