In one word describe the ethos of R3dn3ck?


What attracts you to apparel? Instead of opposed to designing for print or using your skills for fine art?

I dont think the apparel side of things stops me creating things for print or any other medium. Working in the creative industry I have gained the skills to apply my work to many mediums and dont really see and restriction in what I can work with. The R3DN3CK garments came around from always wanting to make garments, and people kept asking me if I would release designs.

The UK streetwear scene is flourishing at the minute and more and more opportunities for artists to get their gear seen exist more than ever. Where do you think you fit in the market? Or where do you WANT to fit?

I dont want to fit anywhere? I guess. I just wanna do my stuff see some recognition and respect for the effort put in and see people wearing my designs. One of the biggest compliments you can have when creating something is that another likes it, follows what you do has an interest in it, purchases the product and wears it.

Your getting good coverage so far and alot of respect from high profile outlets such as a FRONT, where do you wanna see your brand in the next couple of years?

I don’t honestly know, it all depends on the customers and support really, started this thing with 100 quid in my pocket and I’d love to see it become something massive. I will always put the work in – its just down to everyone loving my designs, me and the garments can only get stronger.

Do you want R3dn3ck to be associated with you, or as a brand? For example would you accept other designers into the R3dn3ck fold or not?

R3dn3ck is me, designs come from personal influences and experiences so I don’t think it would be as powerful with a collective of designers, I am up for collaborations and working with others on various projects though.

Give me 5 songs that define R3dn3ck, 5 tracks that you throw you on the turntable while prepping designs or pressing your latest lines…

they fell from the sky – birth of stars

gang starr – full clip

hank William’s III – trashville

burial – burial (album)

mac miller – K.I.D.Z (album)

I’m into everything so thats a broad range of some shit that gets regular play in the R3dn3ck record collection.

Who do you want to see wearing your gear? Anyone famous rocking the gear yet? I heard that Jeremy Clarkson is a massive fan, but that might be idle chit chat.

Everyone… haha like I mentioned before anyone that has an interest in the items, Filthy Vicars from birmingham have showed their support along side FatKidOnFire a online journalist that interviews brands as people. I am thinking of endorsements and sponsorships for skateboarders, mcs, djs, bmxers, photographers, fixed gear riders, people i have been around or are friends with that have real talent and don’t get the full recognition they deserve.

It has been good to chat to you man, keep us posted on your latest lines, we look forward to what your gonna be dropping soon.

Thank you for the time and the chance to be featured and the oppurtunity answer these slightly out of the norm questions!

You can grab yourself R3dn3ck gear from his official site www.r3dn3ck.co.uk or check out a gallery his latest and greatest below. – Photo’s courtesy of Mike Palmer.