When starting Faux, I took alot of influence from Readplatform.com a London based start up that was just finding it’s feet in the world of publishing as an online culture magazine. It had a great balance of clickable content, opinion pieces and original content. All companies have teething problems and in the early days of Platform, an air of brattiness and a cynical overtone surrounded some of the content, but shining through that was always a collection of writers who had a solid understanding of London youth culture and the idealism that comes along with it.

In the past 2 years since launch they’ve really found their feet and Readplatform became one of the most unique blogs on the internet. But they’ve decided to retire it. In the last year the group launched two offshoots, ISYS a “street style” video fashion blog that profiles the looks and outfits of all the people they meet and Boiler Room, a site that celebrates their love of urban music – spawned from their club nights held in their (you guessed it) Boiler Room. Read Platform’s retirement is not the end though, its simply an evolution. We thought the best way to explore the changes over at Platform was to chat to the guys themselves, we caught up with Robert Foster, Platform’s editor to get more of an idea…

So, Readplatform.com has come to an end? and has seemingly merged into a new venture called Leisure. Why the change?

Leisure is our new thing, it’s about producing original content, events, releases, and having a good time along the way.

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but closing readplatform.com and starting leisureonly.com isn’t just a name change, it’s more rethinking how we approach everything, both online and offline. Taking with us the best of what we’ve done so far, and dramatically building on that. In just the same way that Boiler Room and ISYS have become entities of their own, Leisure is following suit. Collectively, those three teams will form a group of smart independent ventures, under platformwd.com – a company that is all about making good ideas happen.

Sounds good, When is the planned launch?

By the weekend, promise!

Any plans to further expand Platform in the future? Or do you have the holy trinity now? Music, Fashion & Culture

This is fine for now. for me, as long as I can make jokes about my favourite rap videos and say boorish things, i’m happy. leisure lets me do that without it reflecting on ISYS and Boiler Room…

To be cheeky, any chance of heavily censored preview screenshot of the new site?

haha naaaaaaah

Figured as much, no harm in asking…Well good luck with new venture and I look forward to this weekend….

Thanks very much! hope everyone enjoys it.

Keep checking back at Leisureonly.com for the proposed launch this weekend and in the meantime check out ISYS.tv and Boilerroom.tv.