New Blood: Polarsets


One of the better unknown stars of Radio One’s Big Weekend, Newcastle’s new buzz Polarsets have released their first official single this week, ‘Sunshine Eyes’, which, you may be fascinated to know, does that most impossible of feats and lives up to the hype that comes before it.

Polarset’s earlier tracks – namely ‘Leave Argentina’ and ‘Just Don’t Open Your Eyes Yet’ – come across like Two Door Cinema Club via Ibiza (with all the far too catchy pop hooks, all the summer hyperbole, and all the I-bet-they’re-really-nice-guys-ience that this would imply), with the layered grooves of Friendly Fires’ less synthy moments.

Their debut single with tastemaker label Kitsune, ‘Sunshine Eyes’, flashes a new scope however and reveals previously hidden potential. Wearing the still present Summer vibes tattooed shamelessly on its sleeve, the track coyly holds back, slowly building from shy and playful into a vibrantly colourful Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs track with guitars , only better than that; an aural imagining of that blurred 4:00am party moment where everything in the universe is aligned to be briefly and beautifully perfect.

Should they really seek to fulfil those obvious pop ambitions you’d be vacant-headed idiot to bet against them. With a flying start behind them and some genuine passion and heart to keep the aficionados on side, Polarsets might just genuinely be ones to watch. (Let’s hope.)

You can find out more about Polarsets here, or check out their debut single ‘Sunshine Eyes’ below.