Tyler The Creator – Yonkers


Kanye called it the best video of 2011, and you know if Mr West loves your video, he’ll stop at nothing to make sure the world knows.

Hailing from the hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Tyler The Creator has come out swinging for his second studio album Goblin with single ‘Yonkers’. Recieving positive reviews from critics worldwide, the track is getting praise from a multitude of musical camps, adored as much by the Pitchfork hipsters and the Uk’s urban electronic culture as it is by mainstream US Hip-Hop stars.

OFWGKTA are the most feared troupe in hip-hop right not only because of the critical acclaim Tylers latest output has received, but because, they just don’t give a fuck. Saying what they want, how they want; shows consist of constant stagediving, blunts galore and always goading the crowd to fight – case in point, just today Tyler got arrested at his album release party..

Goblin is out now on XL and you can check out Yonkers below.