Another Earth – Official Trailer


Another Earth is the debut film from Director Mike Cahill, and premiered at this years Sundance festival- to a standing ovation.

The film follows Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling), a bright young woman accepted into MIT’s astrophysics program, who aspires to explore the cosmos. Driving home one night she notices a mysterious planet in the sky, leaning out the window she plows into a mini van and kills a family. Released 4 years later she tracks down the one survivor from the crash John Burroughs (William Mapother of Lost) and strikes up a relationship. The planet she saw is a mirror planet of Earth, the earth is in panic over the discovery and curious of the possibilty of their mirror selves on Earth 2.

Not your standard Sci-Fi and seemingly more in line with last years excellent ‘Monsters’ where the Sci-Fi elements feed the films over-arching human narrative and act as just a backdrop, rather than act as the focus.

Another Earth is out in the UK later this year, you can check out the trailer below.