New Blood: The Milk


With a Conservative majority government meeting it’s “putting people out of jobs” quota it’s probably only to be expected that the spectre of the downtrodden genre that is soul music is making a form of comeback. It’s not too surprising that the revival is being led by newcomers either, considering the Amy Winehouse shaped void in the last couple of years, and the fact that Plan B has shown if you steal a bit of Motown you’ll still sail up the charts regardless of whether you’re actually any good.

With Nottingham’s charismatic Liam Bailey and America’s classy Aloe Blacc handling the bluesier edge of the soul spectrum, Essex newcomers The Milk have stepped up as 2011’s answer to The Vandellas.

Imagine The Zutons born at the height of The Style Council’s era and you’re not too far off.

The foursome have kicked their day jobs to drop debut single ‘(All I Wanted Was) Danger’, with B-side ‘Dynamite’ (which is it just me, or is it about Viagra?), which offers a preview of the classic call-and-response big soul choruses you can expect their fully fledged record, due sometime soon, to be built upon

While they may be a bit too Jools Holland for some, it’ll be at the very least interesting to see if their sound and considerable energy is enough to bring the missing genre back to the charts.

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