Faux Mix Series #009 // The Two Fifteens



We have another edition to our mixtape series and this time its from The Two Fifteens.

Abe and Andrew Adams a.k.a. The Two.Fifteens mix elements of Techno, Dubstep & Hip-hop to produce a sound that resembles early Warp releases from the likes of Aphex Twin, Autechre & Nightmares on Wax – never bogged down in one genre and feeling like straying from the path once taken is more exciting than going down that road again, their music is as eclectic as they want it to be.


1. Cameo- Hangin’ Downtown
2. The Eastsidaz feat. Kokane, Nate Dogg, and Butch Cassidy-Cool
3. Actress- Harrier ATTK
4. The Two. Fifteens- Back 2 The Jack (Remix)
5. King Tubby- Natty Dread Girl (Extended Dub)
6. Rich Boy-Convertable Status
7. Cameo- She’s Strange
8. The Avalanches-Radio
9. The Two. Fifteens- S.O.B. (Swaggin’ On A Bean)
10. Grace Jones- Walking The Rain
11. Suga Free- On My Way
12. Willie Hutch-Mother’s Theme (Mama)
13. Chip The Ripper- Movie

We had a quick chat with the boys to see how they attacked the mix for us and what tracks are making them lose their mind right now…

So, who are The Two Fifteens and what do you do?

The Two. Fifteens is a production duo comprised of brothers Abe and Andrew. We specialize in abstract trunk rattling future beaters. We also moonlight as semi pro stunt men.

What defines your sound?

Angular sequencing, analog gear, scientific bass engineering but more than that just having fun while we’re making the sounds.

What angle did you attack the mix you did for Faux at? What did you want to show?

We wanted showcase music that we actually drive around and listen to instead of stuff that just looks good on playlist. We listen to a eclectic selection of music and we didnt want to just re-post stuff that had already been on blogs for the last 6 months.

Favourite track in the mix?

Well, we put Cameo on the mix twice, so it’ll be a toss up between those. We also put a snippet of one of the tracks from our next project “Effective When Used After” in the mix (S.OB – Swaggin on a Bean)

Favourite track of the moment?

My brother is yelling “Racks on top of racks” by Y.C and Future right now That Actress song we put on the mix is pretty dope too.