The Confined – Official Trailer

the confined

Fan Films? While often the phrase would conjure up visions of overweight teens in bad costumes messing about with a Super-8 video camera in the forest in backwater America – sometimes you stumble across gold. They have a huge online community, one full of labouring fans who seek to tell you why they love their favourite game or film in the best way possible. Notable examples include the excellent Batman: Dead End in which The Dark Knight battles both Predator & Alien in a stunningly produced short or the work of The Purchase Brothers, who’s Half Life inspired Escape from City 17 has earned them multiple accolades and industry respect.

The Confined was produced by up & coming film maker Nathan A. Quattrini, who created it as an homage/audtion for the Silent Hill films. Suitably dark and unashamedly brutal, the trailer below gives great hope to what the guy can produce in the future and what we can expect from the full short film later this year.

Nathan explains: “This video was originally made to send to Michael Bassett to try and get a creature role in the new Silent Hill film. The creature was created as a haunted theme park character last Halloween season and I am carrying it over into film. The full short film will be out later this year which will explain the creatures and their looks, etc. I felt I should show fans the video to garner support.

As for story – the backstory and the explanation of the creatures will be understood when the film is completed. I can guarantee that it will be as dark, twisted, and disturbing as you expect from these scenes. It is not supposed to be Silent Hill, rather inspired by SH, so the laws of the game world do not necessarily apply.”

Its good to geek out once in a while….