Rubber – Official Trailer


So, lets get this straight, this is a film about a killer tyre with telepathic abilities. So thats out the way with – its actually amazing and one of the bravest & impressive genre pieces to emerge in recent years. As the inanimate tire takes life it finds it way to a nearby desert town and embarks on a killing spree, 
before becoming obsessed with a mysterious woman.

Directed by Quentin Dupieux  (yes, thats MR OIZO to most of us), scored by Gaspard Auge (Justice) and splitting audiences & reviewers straight down the middle at every festival its shown at, Rubber will get people talking.  

The Huffington Post wrote that Quentin “succeeds in creating an entertaining, sometimes even tense horror film with the very same footage he lightly mocks. The result is an uber-cerebral spoof that is at once silly and smart, populist like a mildly trashy B-movie yet high brow like absurdist theater.” On the flipside, The Telegraph wrote a negative review of the film, saying “How could it not be brilliant? By, at 85 minutes, being an hour too long. By being arch rather than schlocky. And by wasting too much time on dull dialogue celebrating its “No Reason” philosophy.”

Is it intellectual wankery? By some dj’s who took a shot at indie cinema? or is it actually a brave, not too serious experiment in storytelling? Check out the trailer below.