New Blood: Peter and Kerry


Formed after the chance meeting of solo artists Peter Lyons and Kerry Leatham – the first being a writer/producer from Southampton working on film soundtracks, the latter being a Ani DiFranco inspired singer songwriter discovered by the manager of Rumer – Peter and Kerry seem like a pairing that was always meant to be.

Though they met with little more in common than a deal with Tape Club Records, they’ve fit like two pieces of an enchanting indie jigsaw to create the Clothes, Friends and Photos’ EP.

It is an EP which ticks all the right boxes, with fashionable acoustic minimalism, bittersweet lyrics and understated, layered vocals. It is not however, lo-fi by the numbers. There’s a playful creativity here, showed on the break-up song title track and in the intricacies of ‘Half Empty’, but most of all the beguiling acoustic of free download ‘The Summer House Song’ – a folk-y effort reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Club’s venture into the genre last year.

A clear highlight is the almost Philip Glass-esque ‘Knees’, an intimate indie piano-led generally lovely song to outclass all intimate indie piano-led generally lovely songs. It’s a good taster of the talent, not to mention the heartbeat-slowing chemistry, shared by this young and promising duo.

You check out the video for lead track of their new EP Clothes, Friends and Photos ‘Knees’ below. And find out more about the duo at