Morning Parade, Manchester


In the cramped, dark Night & Day Cafe in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, hotly tipped Morning Parade set out to make a name for themselves with a powerful and dramatic set.

Their sound recalls an ecelctic mix of alternative-rock staples; think elements of the Stone Roses, Muse, Bloc Party but really nothing quite like any of them. A well crafted set mixes the more epic end of the sound spectrum with marching bass lines, soaring synth chords and tingling guitar. Night & Day is not a venue know for its more lively atmosphere but the crowd are energetic and show their appreciation for ‘A & E’. This is a short tour and Morning Parade are ready to make the most of it with an hour long performance including ‘Hard to Find’ and ‘Carousel’.

A band full of skilled instrumentalists, Morning Parade will gain fans through their impressive stage perfomance and seem to have won many over here tonight with a sound that is well delivered and complex.’Under the Stars’ is another favourite and could be the tracks which gains them a lot more attention. After another successful night, it looks like Morning Parade won’t be stuck in the small venues for much longer.