Faux Mix Series #008 // DJ Cable



Nothing gives you the authority to run a record label like a DMC championship, and with 3 under his belt, it’s for everyone’s benefit that DJ Cable has established Triangulum Records, a label specialising in “140 bpm music, with an emphasis on the darker, deeper, purple side of Dubstep, as well as instrumental Grime.” Having toyed with the idea of fitting a record label into a schedule bursting at the seams with guest mixes, radio spots and gigging, Cable finally found time to establish a label that looks to offer the dubstep scene a much needed shot of exciting, interesting, intelligent music.

Drawing influence from a life-long love of music and a refusal to compromise on quality, Cable looks to establish Triangulum not as a ten-a-penny dispenser of party hype and filler, but rather as a foremost authority for forward thinking electronic music; an aim he feels is vindicated by the success of fellow, long-serving independents. “Some of the best independent labels out there – Warp, Ninja Tune, Planet Mu and Hyperdub – the reason why they’ve stood the test of time is because they’ve stayed true to their original mission statement, and are very honest with what they pick/put out.” It also seems that Cable’s desire to take Triangulum to the status of a truly respected independent is made all the more likely by his desire to bring new music to the forefront of the label’s preoccupations, explaining that “There’s so much good music out there that deserves to get heard and made available to the public, but sadly, a lot of these tunes either remain on dub forever, or never even see the light of day. Some of those tunes get overlooked by loads of labels –
not because they’re terrible, but because there are so many people doing music these days, a lot of music gets dismissed in favour of tunes from more established artists,
you know?”

For those wondering, the name Triangulum, Cable explains,”refers to the Triangulum Galaxy. I’ve always been interested in the idea of space and the unknown, and what could be out there. Certain aspects of electronic music (Dubstep in particular) have that ‘spacey’ kind of feel, and I’m into a mixture of weird, wonky and dark music, so it made sense to me to go with that name.” This cosmic aesthetic runs in swathes through the music of Triangulum; recent collaboration ‘Yoshimitsu’ with Essex-based bass-weight duo Fused Forces offered a shuddering glimpse into the darkest recesses of Cable’s galactic fascinations, whilst March will see Triangulum 002 surface, featuring material from widely support new producer DCult (http://www.twitter.com/DCult) a release that looks set to establish Triangulum as an essential new purveyor and supporter of electronic music. But with such galactic, spaced-out fascinations, are Triangulum going to be able to find their feet on the dancefloor? It would seem Cable reckons so; “I believe that you can sit at home, throw on any of the releases and zone out, as well as hear them at a Dubstep or Grime event. Rather than just sign tunes that may be flavour of the month on the dancefloor, I’d rather pick tunes that people can revisit later down the line.” Clearly valuing production values over passing trends and the important of important, innovative music over a quick buck, Triangulum Records are going to be an invaluable addition to electronic music as they begin their ascent towards the stars.

Cable has dropped a mix for our Faux Mixtape series! You can check out the mix and the tracklisting below!


01. Fused Forces & DJ Cable – Yoshimitsu (Triangulum)
02. DCult – Requiem (Forthcoming Triangulum)
03. Fused Forces – Molten (Free Download)
04. Teeza – The Set Up (Dub)
05. Teeza – Planets (Free Download)
06. Skream – Lightnin VIP (Free Download)
07. DCult – Woken (Forthcoming Triangulum)
08. Δdmin – Lovebump (Forthcoming Triangulum)
08. DCult – Drunken Master (Triangulum)
09. OH91 – Alesis (Forthcoming Boogaloo City)