Review // Bright Eyes – People’s Key


‘The People’s Key’ has been labelled to be the final studio album from Conor Oberst under the title of ‘Bright Eyes’ and the band’s first album in four years.

From start to finish ‘The People’s Key’ is an epic- from the powerful ramblings of symbolism, the beginning of the world, Hitler and the future in Firewall , to the lyrics of redemption that can be found on Jejune Stars. Especially as songs are accompanied with driving drum beats and textured guitars that make the album even more eloquent.

‘The People’s Key’ is an album that delves into the themes of love and life without that hauntingly dark ambiance that can be located on their earlier material; in this case, it’s a good thing as this album is wonderfully spirit raising as Conor Oberst seems to look upon life in hindsight and appreciate it. It’s almost as if he’s looking at the bands adventures of the past fifteen years and feeling grateful for them.  This album makes you happy to be alive. Yes, there are a couple of mellower songs such as Ladder Song which could be compared to songs found on other Bright Eyes albums but on the whole, this album is pretty different to the rest.

It can certainly be set apart from other Bright Eyes albums as it has an incredibly positive outlook on life and relationships and is presented in less of a minimal style. Bright Eyes have gone all out on this album over the past four years and you can really tell. Guitars are heavier and it even features spoken word; the band have put their all into the album and it really pays off.

With the People’s Key, Bright Eyes bring an uplifting force upon listeners. Unlike the sinister lyrics found in some of their earlier material; this album brightens up a miserable winter’s day and is a nice final album, perhaps the perfect way for Conor Oberst to drop his title of ‘Bright Eyes’ for good.