Boys Noize – Super Acid


Memory can be triggered with a smell, a taste, a sound. Some sensory triggers lead back to childhood nostalgia, other’s lead to first-times and last times. Hearing Boys Noise’s latest record ‘Super Acid’ though; a compilation of new and unreleased house-pounding tracks, the trigger refuses wistful reminiscence of Chicago late-80s but instead leads to intense flashbacks, blazing memories of screaming your lungs dry in front of the DJ booth, getting down and sweaty to a sound that’s hard and fast – it’s fucking insane. If I truly wrote this review in line with what SuperAcid does, what it triggers; it would dribble my post-5am, pre-kebab , club-dumb voice, paragraphs jarring with “njbgwuabg;aibgrfuckwkfofuck……..” Be thankful I’m not.

BN’s Alex Ridha has collated a record bowing to the sound that ignited the club scene. Acid House has kept floors dancing since Chicago’s DJ ‘DJ Pierre’ jumped on the Roland TB-303 in the mid 80s. The 13 tracks on Super Acid prove there’s no slowing yet for the ultimate club-sound, it’s got life and it feels good. Super Acid’s beat-breathe ratio is heavily weighted; there’s little time to inhale as it’s no-slack pulse continues. Tunes as Erol Alkan’s ‘Death Suite’ and Feadz ‘11% Acid’ are reasons, if you ever need them, why we go out till 6am Sunday Morning, the reasons why we dance and drink our play slips away.

It’s the organ behind the club night; Boys Noise presents Super Acid, is the club, it’s the sound throwing two weekend options, two personal reactions; either it forces you to get riled and go hard in the first available House-driving club or you’ll want to stay in, fuck the promoters, the £9 drinks, who need’s clubs when you’ve got that sweaty, heavy-going ardor on a disk, when you’ve got the noise of Super Acid?