Boys Noize


So how has 2011 been so far for you?

It started off in Australia for a hardcore 7 day tour supporting N.E.R.D., but after that I had a 2 week holiday and now I’m back in Berlin and starting to work on my music again, so all is fine 🙂

Your latest project is an Acid House compilation celebrating 20 years since its birth, what made you want to celebrate the genre?

I was making my new acid track “1010” in my studio and my good friend Housemeister came by
and he said “wow this is future acid” and he was like “ok I want to make a new acid track too”. we were looking at each other saying why not ask everyone on the label and our friends to produce a new Acid track for a compilation of super acid like no one had ever heard before.
In fact no one has done an acid compilation since the beginning of the ’90s. although there were many acid revivals every now and then, producers from today don’t actually need the Roland TB-303 to produce acid sounds. Jan Driver’s acid track is done with an iPhone and to be honest I couldn’t believe it when he told me.

What element of Acid House defines why you love the genre?

Acid is timeless, it’s always cool to drop 1 or 2 acid tracks in a dj set and that’s what i’ve always done.
But first, it’s not acid when there is no acid sound. Last year there was a house record by a good producer and he called his album “acid house” but there was not even one acid sound on it haha. the sound of the Roland TB 303 is the best, if it’s not the main theme of a track it always fits somewhere in the track too. I’ve had acid lines in many of my tracks but i’ve never had it as the main feature like in “1010” because it’s not easy to program a rocking acid sequence, especially with the Roland 303 which is no fun to program.

What are your favourite Acid House tracks of all time?

There are many great ones, too many to mention but Bam Bam ‘Where’s Your Child’, Essit Muzique ‘Essit Muzique’ and of course Josh Wink’s  ‘Higher State of Conciousness’ are bombs! I like alot of AFX acid too.

Did you have a specific set of rules in mind for the tracks you picked for the comp?

Wwell the only rule was to use Acid, not eat it.

What’s next for you?

I’m starting the year slow with some gigs here and there and towards the summer i’ll be hitting the road harder again. i’m currently in the studio working on new music for myself. There will be a couple of releases like the 3 tracks I did together with Housemeister, Our Maix 12″ will be out end of February. Also I might release 2 tracks on BNR TRAX with a different name i’m still trying to figure out. Anyways, the next releases on Boysnoize Rec and BNR TRAX look dope 🙂

Another full length in the works?


You teamed up with Erol (Alkan) on the comp for your track ‘Death Suite’ are you planning any more work with him throughout 2011?

Yeah, we already have some great new ideas and we’ll definitely release a new 12″ but before that we will re-release “Avalanche” & “Lemonade” with a really cool feature on “Avalanche”.

Its been great to chat to you sir, take care and I look forward to seeing what’s next for Boys Noize.

You can check out ‘Death Suite’ the Boys Noize & Erol Alkan track from Super Acid below, or head out and grab it now!