Spy Magazine


You know that snarky tone thats synonymous with blog culture? That passive aggressive, jealously dismissive anger and committed informed bark, that bloggers often talk in? Its not as new as you think.

One of the key differences between the newer form of blog based journalism and the more traditional print based (has to pass 3 editors first) form is that opinion shines through more, whether positively or negatively. Whether it fuels your love and trust in a writer or site, or whether it fuels yet another “fuck this shit, I hate all creation” blogger post that clogs up your RSS feed. Typically more opinionated pieces fall into those two categories; A) A lack of editorial control and focus, causing a disjointed and often bitter narrative, or B) a forward thinking, less restricted, opinion piece that pushes journalism forward.

In the same way that a blog’s of particular writers opinion can be so feared these days, back in the 80’s SPY was the publication that shit up even the most political icon.  SPY coined the style of journalism so freely available across todays internet and stood almost unopposed throughout the 80’s & 90’s – cruel, well written and constantly re-shaping and honing the cultural landscape of its home city – New York,  it’s continually held up as benchmark in modern journalism.

So why am I flapping on about this now? Well Google Books has just added almost the entire run to its catalogue and its free to view online! You can check them all out here: Spy – Google Books or flick through a random copy below….