Creating a dark and atmospheric atmosphere with his tunes, Cardiff based producer Lung is on the rise.  Smashing into the scene with his hard dropping tune ‘Afterlife’ he has gone from strength to strength developing his sound and honing down his music.  He may decribe himself as still experimenting but those ‘experiments’ are certainly creating something special!

We caught up with him over a hot brew.

So, what have you been up to the past two weeks?

I’ve been procrastinating from uni work by working on a couple of tunes at the moment all at various stages of completion, mostly drum & bass!

When did you start making music?

I started making music when I was around 13 years old when I got my first guitar, I was really into metal and used to play in a band – that’s when I first got really interested in writing my own music and not just learning other peoples. Playing in the band resulted in us trying to record our own demos and I used to record our tracks within Garageband on my Mac. I gradually got more interested in the production of the music and the electronic side of things that were possible and upgraded to Logic which is where I really got more serious into the idea of making other, electronic-based, music and started playing around with drum & bass. It wasn’t until about two years ago when I wrote ‘Afterlife’ that things started to shape up and make a bit more sense to me – it’s all trial and error though. Music to me is just about having fun, it’s my release I guess!

How would you describe your music?

I guess you could say it’s quite emotional, that was never a pre-conceived aim when I was making it, it just sort of ended up that way. Music should move you, make you think, dance, or whatever, the point is music is there to inspire a reaction in someone, in whatever shape or form! I’m probably better known for my dubstep, but I’ve been focusing more on drum & bass now that I’ve learnt more about production through making dubstep. If you were to ask any of my friends how they’d describe my music, they’d probably just say “blips” and “pads” haha, which I guess is probably true, I do love lots of “blippy” synth lines and big chords!

Has this style always what you’ve produced?

Drum & Bass was the first electronic music I started to produce, back when I knew pretty much nothing and I was just experimenting! Dubstep is where I really started to learn abit more about production, but drum & bass will always be my first love. I don’t really want to end up pidgeon-holed as a “dubstep producer”, I’ve been experimenting alot with various tempos and I like to make all sorts of electronic music from house through to more garage-influenced stuff and drum & bass.

Big Influences?

Within dubstep as a genre itself, I can’t really say there’s anyone particularly influencial. I draw alot of inspiration from music within other genres such as house and techno, but it’s very rare that any particular artist will influence me. I find situations, places, concepts (especially the real geeky stuff like space, and the idea of atlantis!!) much more interesting because there’s so many ideas about what’s out there, that’s probably what drew me to producing dubstep, there’s an almost “anything goes” feel to the genre (given the tempo is around 140bpm) – you can pretty much write whatever you want! If I had to name any specific artists that got me into drum & bass and dubstep though, they’d probably be Burial (obviously), Commix, Noisia, Calyx, etc, (the latter being alot heavier, techier dnb than I produce) – but it made sense for me when “discovering” drum & bass as they’re almost the “metal” producers of electronic music, if you will.

Favourite genre of music?

That’s a tough one, don’t really have a favourite genre as such, I find that there’s often something to like in everything if you look far and wide enough. I’ll always be a fan of metal (more the hardcore stuff, not the cheesy-whailing stuff!) but in terms of electronic music, hands down it would be drum & bass.

What are your favourite tunes at the moment?

ASC – Moonwalker
Pearson Sound – Windmills Of Your Mind
Bulb – Tenderness
Klute – Strange Dinner
Pearson Sound – Blanked
Nocturnal Sunshine – Can’t Hide The Way I Feel
Croms – Invisible Cities
Lung – Afterlife (Krytpic Minds Remix) gotta plug it!! 😉


Alot of people ask me that, it was literally just a random word choice, has no other meaning other than what it is! haha! Although my friends found it pretty ironic when I got pneumonia last year.

You can find out more about Lung at his My[___] or check out his scene debut ‘Afterlife’ below.