Carte Blanche


Carte Blanche are Dj Mehdi and Riton two heavyweights of the electro world. Fresh off their inaugural 2010 tour, the boys first remixed Uffie’s ‘ADD S.U.V’, rocked the Field Day festival in London and Reclaimed The Dancefloor in Ibiza. Then spent the rest of the summer working on Chromeo’s Late Night Mix of ‘Don’t Turn The Lights On’.

They’ve recently released the ‘Black Billionaires: The Remixes EP’ the follow up their critically acclaimed ‘Black Billionaires EP’, it features huge remixes from Laidback Luke & Green Velvet and a brand new track ‘Politrix As Usual’.

I had a quick chat with Riton to chat about the EP, the guys working methods and plans for the future…

So…What have you been up to the last couple of weeks?

I’ve been throwing out my Christmas tree, djing in Japan and selling Mehdi’s unwanted Christmas jumpers on eBay.

How did you guys meet? Did you know each other well before?

We met whilst training on the beach in between DJ sets in Miami winter music conference… We both admired each other’s upper body work and taste in house music.

What made you want to work together?

International race relations.

Are you based together now (studio wise)? Or do you have separate focus on your individual persona’s as Mehdi & Riton most of the time?

We like to keep ourselves busy working on our own music – see the new ‘Let The Children Techno’ compilation for details. As we write this email I’m chunneling my way to Mehdi’s beatlab to start on our follow up to Black Billionaires.

Do you have a long term plan for Carte Blanche or are you playing it by ear?

2 basic priorities for Carte Blanche a) have the time of our lives b) make sure the fun never stops.

Any chance of a full length album?

We’re enjoying the EP format right now. Feels like we can say all we need to and make sure they’re all going to add to the live shows.

What are your main influences for the project?

Wine, weather and Wu Tang Clan.

I have to ask, where did the name Black Billionaires come from for the EP?

Mehdi’s fascination with facts let him to find an interesting tit-bit regarding the number of extremely wealthy black people in the world. Plus we get to put the ill in ILLiteration.

I look forward to what guys are have got coming up, anything you can tease us with?

Roller skates.

Cheers man, take care.

Carte Blanche have just dropped their latest single ‘Do! Do! Do!’ ft Kid Sister, you can check out the video; directed by renowned french graffiti artist Fafi – below.