Fringed Harmonies // #60


Fringed Harmonies is a weekly column showcasing the best outfits from What sets this column apart from other ‘best of’ ones, is that whilst it takes interesting fashion ideas from well styled individuals, it also includes a song for each separate outfit which we think fits the personality and look of each person featured.

Click here and you can load up a playlist (via. Spotify) of all the tracks featured this week. Or alternatively click the name of each song to listen on Youtube.

Strawberry dust // The Perishers – Trouble Sleeping

Electric Feel // I Blame Coco  – Playwright Fate

GoldenOldie……… // Donkeyboy – Ambitions

CHOPPED // General Fiasco – We Are The Foolish

Nothing feels like home but the hole in my sock // Shout Out Louds – Please Please Please

Heart skipped a beat // Aloe Blacc – Take Me Back

Meow // Killing Joke – Love Like Blood

Life is never easy for those who dream // Veronica Maggio – 17 ar

The siren song // Salem Al Fakir – Now

I’m not calling you a liar // Lenka – Trouble Is A Friend