The History Of Hip-Hop – Beatboxed


French Beatbox artist Eklips recently recorded this amazing 4 minutes of footage for Trace Urban in France. He uses his human beatbox skills to walk us through the history of hip hop, what’s amazing is it was done in one take.

Whats maybe more incredible is, considering that most of these sounds didn’t even exist 25 years ago – and we’re not just talking about the actual sounds themselves, but more the methods and technology of making most of the sounds – they didn’t exist. In such a short period of time humans have been able to train our vocal chords and minds to emulate these sounds. And in the same way that Scat singing came about to add more expression and greater depth to Blues & American Roots music, Beatboxing is doing the same in Hip-Hop – just listen to a Timbaland production.

Check out the video of Eklips below or find out more about the guy on his official site here.