Moshi Moshi – A Christmas Gift For You


“Bah Humbug, no that’s too strong” declares Summer Camp’s Elizabeth Sankey on their take of ‘Christmas Wrapping’. But is it? For any slightly cynical listener the mere mention of a Christmas song, and the thought of hearing that Mariah Carey song AGAIN, is enough to bring out an otherwise deeply buried inner Scrooge.

But as A Christmas Gift For You is the latest in tastemaker record label Moshi Moshi’s series of compilations, and therefore more than just another go at a shallow Christmas cash in, it might just stand a chance of warming cold sceptic hearts.

Idiot Glee’s stripped down, spectral take on ‘White Christmas’ and Ingo Star Cruiser’s excitably youthful update of ‘Just Like Christmas’ give it a good shot; as does Summer Camp’s aforementioned The Waitresses cover – a lovely little moment as the rising stars shrug off their lo-fi sound in favour of festive synths. James Yuill takes a similar path, turning ‘Winter Wonderland’ into a ghostly electro hymn.

Sheffield’s Slow Club on the other hand offer a more traditional holiday hit with their infinitely likable take of ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ (hell, it’s a country mile better than U2’s version); but the added cheesiness of Christmas subject matter unfortunately pushes Hot Club de Paris’s offering into the territory of “a bit too twee.”

However, such flaws are quite definitive of A Christmas Gift To You, in the best way possible. It’s cheap, enthusiastic, disposable, a little hollow but above all just kind of nice, and if that’s not Christmas I don’t know what is.