Sunday Girl


Her name may be ‘Sunday girl’ but her music will carry you throughout the week, with her new authentic sound . Jade Williams is an all rounder she’s a Dj, model, artist, singer and lover of animals, who is gaining quite a reputation as the new kid on the block. We took her for a shop around Lincoln’s best vintage shops and bought some sweets.

Our first stop …. Birdys Boutique…

How has it been on tour with Ellie (Goulding)?

It feels like I’ve been away for ages, but in a good way it’s just so much fun.

How did you get on her tour?

Well me and Ellie have the same gig booking agency, we have tours coming up so we just merged.

Do you vintage shop a lot? Do you think it’s important to be individual as an artist?

Yeah I love furniture, I do a lot of boot sales and I like antique shops where I might buy a really nice hat and a pair of gloves, I do a bit of vintage shopping but I like to mix it up a bit with stuff in the high street.

So you’re an artist, model, singer and Dj is there anything else you want to get into?

It’s just really cool at the moment, I was doing an art degree so I do all the art work for all the Sunday Girl stuff, do my art and a bit of River island stuff and DJ. I’m really lucky if I fancied trying anything else.

Do you think it’s harder for woman to get into DJ’ing?

I think that has worked in our favour, because it’s like omg a girl DJ? That’s why I’m booked I think because people just want girls DJ’ing, it’s really good for us actually. I’ve done quite a few gigs now, people just want girls DJ’ing.

How do you think your album is going?

I’ve finished it now, so we’re just sorting out which tracks are going on it. I wrote the album with Jim Elliot, who has written Kylie’s last single.

I see Rusko remixed your latest single, is dubstep something you’re interested in getting involved with?

I do love it as a genre, I think it’s nice that my music can be played to different peoples tastes, like if their not in to pop they can listen to remixes.

Are you in to big designers like Louis Vinton or Versace?

Well I was a student for ages so I had no money, but at the moment it’s nice because I get to try on some bits and you can really tell it’s expensive for a reason.

Would you like to do your own clothing range?

I don’t know, It seems everyone does makes it’s a bit cliché, but I actually like drawing and designing so if I did I would want to do it all myself, rather than get someone else to do it.

Do you think some artists tend to lose their identity once they go mainstream?

I think they just want to get their fingers in as many pies as possible, they literally do anything. I don’t blame them.

Next stop…. Mr Bojangles….

So fur, what’s your opinion on it?

I’ve always worked in a pet shop but I wouldn’t want to wear one. I don’t believe in new fur, but I think it’s a shame to throw it away.

We’re interrupted by the shopkeeper…

You’ve hit the nail on the head there, a lot of this is older fur and faux fur wasn’t commercially used till the mid 60s after then, but now the fake fur is so good so there’s absolutely no need for fur. What’s happening In Nottingham with the protests that have been happening outside vintage shops are forcing them to take the vinagte fur off. It’s been in antiques centres for years and years, why haven’t they been targeting them? They have just latched onto vintage shops, but if they put their energy into targeting the Governement to ban all fur imported from China, because that’s where all the fashion catwalks get it from, like Burberry have been doing this year.

Sunday girl:
They’re not educated enough, I used to work in a pet shop and they put glue in all the locks one day, and I thought you’ve put glue in the locks so now we can’t feed any of the animals or give them any water and we actually rescue a lot of animals; they just aren’t educated enough.

There’s a big thing at the moment, Nottingham just had four vintage shops where they’ve had to take the fur of the rails because they’ve just been out there with banners. But it’s nice when people like yourself come in and actually debate it, whether you wear it or not, but you can debate it in a sensible way and we agree that there shouldn’t be any fur now days.

Sunday Girl:
But it’s such a shame to throw it away, I like taxidermy – to chuck that away is a crime.

I had a lady in the other day saying she wouldn’t wear fur I’m a vegetarian, and I said ‘but you’re wearing a sheep’s coat’ and she said I actually like this. Its fur she’s against and she didn’t even think a sheep skinned coat was one, is the sheep still running around? Cause not. So there’s a lot of hypocrisy as well.

So what do you think about how some artist dress i.e. Lady Gaga and Paloma Faith?

I love what they do; I went through so many fades when I was young so I’ve done it now. I like really tailored, masculine and simple stuff.

So how would you explain your look?

I think it’s nice to look kind of androgynous or just have massive hair, a shirt and boys trousers.

Do you like antique collecting then?

Yeah I just like old stuff, my mum gets annoyed at home because my room is just full of shit.

Would you like to open your own vintage shop?

Nah, I would like to open my own pet shop at some point.

What do your parents think to all of this?

They didn’t really get it at first, I think when you’re trying to become a singer and I was doing an art degree as well, they thought there is no hope for Jade, she’s never going to get a job.

What do you think of Xfactor? Do you think it’s getting too commercialised and people are being pushed into being an artist, losing their creativity?

I think Xfactor is good for certain people like Shane Ward or Leona Lewis, who maybe wouldn’t have written songs and don’t really know what they want to sound like, I think it’s really good for them. Then by the second album they can try and write some songs, but I think I knew what I wanted to do, write my own songs. But I think Simon Cowell is such a clever man, he literally controls the telly at the moment.

Our next stop… EGO…

Do you follow trends?

I’m not really fashionable, I think it’s when you’ve got your own style, I think this coat is the most fashionable thing I own – but I was given it. I just wear what I like.

What influences you in music? You sound a bit 80s ish?

I don’t think it was meant to, I just think with my voice we’re trying to make it sound kind of authentic and authorial. Suppose some of it is kind of 80s with the suits and the sneers.

Do you think with the up rising of the female front women, such as Florence and Marina etc. It is harder to compete?

There are so many girls, and if I hear of another I’m like for god sake. I’m just having loads of fun so I just don’t think about it.

Where do you live at the moment? Everyone seems to move down to London when they’ve made it.

Well my family are from Hertfordshire, and I was living in Brixton for a bit and then I got signed and moved back home to save some many, which didn’t really happen. So I’m moving back into London soon see if I can find a place, it’s like all you can afford is a box. When I first moved to Brixton I was terrified, but it’s just an experience.

Have you been to any award shows this year?

I went to the Mercurys, we all guessed who’d win and I guessed XX, who obviously won.

Who’s the best artist you’ve seen live?

That’s a hard one I just like seeing bands that inspire me.

Who’s inspired you then?

I haven’t seen Goldfrapp but I would really like to she’s inspirational.

Would you like to do more festivals in the up coming years?

I did quite a few festivals this year but I didn’t do Reading and Leeds, I don’t really like staying at them anymore. I did Bestival this year playing on the Sunday but I stayed all week, I just could not deal with it. I love camping but I can’t do festival camping.

Who would you most want to collaborate with?

Probably Pharrell Williams or Kelis.

Do you have a say in how your videos are made?

Yeah it’s good because they say what’s the song about and I write a list of buzz words of what I would like. The ‘Stop Hey’ video, I really love superstition and Tim Walker the photographer, so that video is literally is Tom Walker crossed with superstition so it was exactly what I asked for. All the art side they let me do, so all the tour t-shirts they let me design all that, they asked me to design them and I had a week so I kept drawing stuff and I just didn’t like it, then I was in the bath I was like colour by numbers! I thought it was fun, like when we used to go on ski tours with school, you all drew on your t-shirts, thought it was a good idea.

Our final stop is… Goodies Of Lincoln: Retro Confectionery …

Have you started your Xmas shopping yet?

I’m so rubbish; I usually like to make my presents as it makes it more personal.

Do you like these kinds of old shops that you feel you’ve gone back in time?

I love like old fashioned family ran businesses, like my dad owns a wood yard that seems like its stuck back in time and I love that.

What do you think of the shopping in Lincoln then?

Yeah it’s good, you’ve just got everything that’s standard but then you’ve got all these little vintage shops to.

So how’s the accommodation been whilst on tour? Any random locations?

We stayed in this really nice cottage, you could see all the hills and we we’re like we are going to get up there! So me and my friend climbed up it, as you do.

What do you think of illegal downloads?

Yeah it really affects everyone, but I think everyone does it. That’s why so many musicians do so many endorsements and sell products to get money from somewhere else, like I’ve got my River Island modelling. Like Ellie will be now, but we pay to be on the tour, like a lot of people pitch for it so she does chose who she wants but whoever it ends up being has to pay money.

How did you get signed to Universal?

I was singing in different bands and then I was singing in a club in London and a manger approached me and said can I a mange you? Then he put me with all these co-writers and after about a year I found Jim Elliot and then we wrote ‘Stop Hey’, and then my manager went to labels with it and I just got signed on one song really.

Is it just one stand out song that could get you signed?

It was mainly ‘Stop Hey’, but they don’t just sign you they want half your album done, they don’t just go oh you are a good singer, they want the full package. They don’t want to develop stuff anymore.

Was there much hype over you before you got signed or was it just out of the blue?

We had been to a lot of labels and it was at a point where there were a lot of girls out and they were all a bit like we don’t want anymore girls, so it was quite hard. But Geffen part of Universal, my a & r kept an eye on me for a year while I was writing and he just wanted to sign me, but he waited till I wrote ‘Stop Hey’ and he just had this vision for me. I’m so pleased I’m with them, because they looked after me and watch me for all this time, it wasn’t like oh this is cool now we’ll sign her now. Because that’s what they do, they usually have a vision and who ever pays the most gets to sign you, but it’s different now because they really want you.

So do they have a big say in what you create?

They do have a say but I’m lucky they like most things I do, we’re really good friends with my label, touch wood we have never really fallen out. You’ve got to pick your battles though, like sometimes I might not agree with something but they’re pretty good.

Sunday girl has already come out with two solid electro-jams ‘Four Floors and ‘Self Control’ thus far and also some brilliant covers. You can check out her latest single “Stop Hey” below and wait in quiet anticipation for her début album in 2011.