Goldierocks aka Sam hall professional DJ, producer, journalist and party animal is not one for sitting still. Not long back from Mauritius, she getting ready to rock Kazakhstan for The Selector Party on Friday. I caught up with Sam on her week off to discuss how she started out and where she thinks all the women DJs are.

So my first question is you’re a DJ, journalist, party planner and producer do you ever get time to sleep or relax?

Haha not much to be honest but yeah I’m doing loads of international stuff over the last couple of months and I think that’s a bit tough, but when it comes to relaxation just squeezing it all can be hard. For example, I flew in from Mauritius on Monday and then I’ve got one week in London before I fly to Kazakhstan and then onto Australia doing an DJ’ing tour. So I’m literally squeezing my entire Christmas shopping into a week. You just got to get a balance otherwise you go mad.

So, what made you want to be a DJ? Was it hard for you to get into it?

I was a music journalist, doing interviews the standard route you know slogging away doing work experience for everyone, writing for free, interviewing loads of bands and stuff like that. I got asked to DJ at a club night as Sam Hall the journalist and I just got a bit carried away really. From there people started booking me, as a party DJ that was quite good, and then by luck I did this party back stage at Glastonbury and was actually warming up for the Chemical Brothers in the VIP’s VIP zone, Kiera Knightly was there, Kate Moss and the event manager of MTV Europe at the time saw me and he was like ‘Hey you want to come to MTV European awards?’ so was like yeah!

So as a successful DJ as yourself…Why do you think Women DJ’s aren’t getting enough recognition? Do you think there’s a bit of prejudice against woman, and therefore woman are too scared to get into it?

Yes of course there’s defiantly a lot less woman DJs, and I would say there is a certain prejudice which in some places is founded and some are not. Yeah, there is some crap female DJs and there’s some crap male DJs too, but people are like ‘she’s crap because she’s a girl’ but that’s just bollocks. It’s not crap because she’s a girl, she’s crap because she is crap, but you’d never get someone saying that to a guy. In other ways it has helped me, I’m aware and quite humble that I’ve got some work because I’m a girl, like corrupt stuff. But the thing with DJs is that we should all be supporting each other, people say it’s a niche market – I’m like no I’m all for the niche market, I’m all for the female performers we need to support each other and stick with each other, I encourage for there to be more girls out there.

Do you think it’s important to have your own individual style?

I think its fun, fashion and costume is just a way of expressing yourself. As a DJ and as a performer, it makes it more theatrical and visually pleasing and adds to the experience. But yeah, I wouldn’t put me down as a role model but I do hope I inspire girls to just be like yeah I can do this, or I could work in radio or TV. And not feel it’s all this celebrity culture, now you can just be cool, fun and do your own thing.

So, what advice would you give to any girl wanting to break through the DJ industry?

Yeah, I’ve come from a music specialist background I still do weekly big show for ‘The Sector’, which it’s an international radio show that’s broadcast in loads of countries around the world and NME radio UK. I would just say live and breathe music, know your stuff, sign up to record label mailing lists, go to gigs, be out there and unique. Then it will all naturally flow, and just be willing to work really hard. I know people are like oh DJs just like to go crazy and party, but you have no idea the amount of hours you have to slog away through blogs and laptops, and working for free. I remember at one point I got an internship at this big international radio station, it was a dream job but I was working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and then the evenings I’d run around to gigs, reviewing them and interviewing bands, again for free. Then I would have to work a late shift at a bar for my work experience surviving on 4 hours sleep.

….A lot of coffee involved then

Haha yeah, you have to earn your dues you know? Course its down to being at the right place at the right time, but you have to prove yourself – always remember there’s about a million other people wanting your job.

You’ve played in so many amazing venues around the world, what’s been the biggest and most exciting gig you’ve done so far?

I DJ’ed on Giorgio Armani’s yacht in Monaco, and that was really surreal. Lionel Richie was there with a live band, and I was drinking this cruise champagne that was a hundred pounds a glass. You’re just standing there going this is really weird, but I’d actually say as my own fun experience I love the Secret garden parties in Cambridge. I’m a real supporter of that festival, I’ve been playing it for years and years now and I think a couple of years ago before it got as big as it is now just playing on the main stage there before Grace Jones came on was so cool. Then they set fire to this pirate ship in the middle of the lake with loads of fireworks, was just so cool.

I know you’ve done a few remixes like crystal fighters and the kooks – have you got anymore you are working or you would like to do?

My DJ partner and production is Aaron Audio and he’s just had a baby so we’re having a little bit of a rest, because I do all my production with him. We will be having a special Christmas mixtape coming out in about a week, it’s really funny because we’ve totally dustepped up Mariah Carey. That is going to be free and available to download online, and we’ll spread that around so there’s a lot of stuff coming. Then in the New Year, we’re doing quite a few new bits, probably going to work with Crystal Fighters again, but I’m concentrating on my TV and radio stuff at the moment.

And finally, any big plans for New Years Eve?

I come back from Australia a couple of days before Christmas, as my boyfriend lives there. At the moment, not much as of yet just do something with friends or maybe a quiet one, like I said at the beginning you know enjoy your quiet time. Or some kind of drinks party with mulled wine and minced pies and just jump around like idiots’ haha.

Goldierocks presents a new radio show ‘The Selector’ launched on the NME radio in October, you can hear the show from 6pm till 8pm every Friday, where she plays new, fresh, innovative British music to 20 countries around the world.