In terms of established talents on the music scene, London’s Bashy has been producing and recording music for years. From Bus Driver to Actor, Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas has rocketed into the limelight following the success of his ‘Chupa Chups’ and ‘Your Mum’ mix-tapes, not to mention his acclaimed 2009 album ‘Catch Me If You Can’. He’s an influential and respected character in Grime, he’s lively, creative and like many of his peers, experimenting within the sound of British urban music and stepping into other creative Mediums; such as the film.

I managed to grab the entrepreneurial Bashy during a hectic international tour with the Gorillaz, for whom Bashy appears for on the track ‘White Flag’…

You’re currently on a world tour with Gorillaz, has it been a difficult transition from the Grime scene to an international audience?
Nah; not really. In terms of performance it’s cool: Using whatever skills you’ve learnt and taking them to an international audience whilst learning from all the other world-class musicians (on the tour). Paul Simmons, Mick Jones and that. Hanging out with De La Soul, Mos Def. You pick up different things if you know what I mean.

You’ve already acted in Mo Ali’s ‘Shank’ and Noel Clark’s ‘1,2,3,4,’ you’re also starring in Matthew Hope’s The Veteran. Can you tell us anything about that?
Yeah, it starts Brian Cox and Toby Kebbell. It’s about a war veteran who returns home and gets a job doing some investigations. And during these investigations… I pop up…

You’re a character in the new Def Jam: Rap Star game, a film star and an established face in the music industry, have you got any tips for aspiring musicians?
Yeah, do you know what you’ve got to do? You’ve got to just stay on it. Have your USP [unique selling point] on display at all times and I don’t know man… Just go for it. Set up your own shows; just put as much effort in as you can Bruv.

I first heard you through the mix-tapes on, is that an aspect of your career you miss or one you’re glad to get away from?
I still do mixtapes and stuff, but the markets changed now ennit. Nowadays you’ve got to get into a free download then something more promotional, but back then that was probably the only outlet, it was really difficult to get your CD stocked back then.

What’s a perfect day in Bashy’s world?
Let’s see man… I’d have had to have had a good night’s sleep the night before, get up, do some interviews early, get them out the way, hit the studio then, maybe go to a show or something, then my time, what I want to do, like go out for a good meal or go to the cinema or the theatre.

If you had to pick any artist dead or alive for a collaboration, who would it be?
Bob Marley

Because the man’s a legend!

What’s the future for bashy. Where do you intend to be in 5 years?
5 years… Do you know what? I’ll have more movies under my belt. Hopefully by then I would’ve written one.

Is that what your intention is then? To get more into the film industry?
Errrm.. Yeah, get into that a bit more, but I guess but carrying on with the music and get into other cool little projects as well, that’s where I want to be. Yeah man, just to continue to develop my brand as Ashley or Bashy would be good.

You’ve got your new single Make My Day coming out at the start of December; can you tell us anything about the forthcoming album?
Ahh yeah, well Make My Day is just a single right now, it’s not from anything. The album will be coming out like early next year and will the next level for me. Music making but more fun. It’ll be different from the last album, more energetic, basically where I am right now in my life… It’s going to be tight.
I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be good trust me…

Bashy is starring in the Matthew Hope film; The Veteran alongside Toby Kebbell and Brian Cox as Tyrone Jones. Bashy’s currently on an international tour with the Gorillaz and has recently appeared on the David Letterman show in America. His single, Make My Day is released on the 6th of December, produced by N-Funk creators NAPT. You can check out the video below.