Calm Down Dearest // Losing Support

calm down losers

I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with idiots as we build up to Christmas. I don’t really enthuse about politics in general but I can’t help become involved with the latest goings on as and when they arise. These last two weeks have brought about a whole range of issues and none have been more prevalent than the demonstrations against the rise in university fees.

Now, I’m neither a fan of Labour, the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats. Every single party is built up of idiots – idiots who have rarely spent more than two minutes in the real world that we live in. Whilst our MP’s are idiots, it isn’t entirely their own faults. The people they represent are idiots too. It wasn’t very difficult to predict that people would soon turn against the Conservatives for all of the budget cuts and the impact that they’re going to have on the majority of us over the coming years. I’ll go out on a limb and say that the next few years are going to be pretty shitty – but that’s hardly just the Conservatives fault now is it? Over the next four years, let’s not forget to remember to look back at why these cuts were made. Labour should have more than their fair share of the blame – we mustn’t forget that they also led us to an imaginary war which has cost us millions alone. The country will always be wank – that is until they stop political correctness, the blame culture, terrible parenting, state handouts, bent politicians and last but by no means least, the god awful media that encourage life’s idiots to moan like little school girls.

The media love to put a downright shitty spin on any little story they can get their teeth into can’t they? It saddens me, it really does. This week, the newspapers are trying to disgrace the police for removing a disabled protester from his wheelchair. I nearly cracked up laughing when I first read the story… in fact, I was nearly laughing as much as the disabled bloke was when he was in front of the police having a whale of a time.

I’m not an expert on protesting. I don’t confess to be, but having seen what happened last week involving a mix of students, activists and police, I know that I would stay miles away from any lively protests for a little while in case I got hurt… and I’d most definitely stay away from, as the disabled protestor states, ‘an army of police with weapons’ if I merely milling around on my wheelchair having a picnic. In an interview with BBC he claims that the police were looking for trouble – an interesting thought. Last time I checked though, police officers had lives outside of the job involving wives, husbands and children – do we honestly think that they’d want to risk being involved in riots just to have a go at some students? I can think of better ways to die. Even if those involved were thuggish brutes, beating up a disabled person is hardly going to earn them much kudos round the canteen table is it?

Mr disabled man, you’re an idiot. I’m all for students standing up for themselves, I for one am opposed to the rise in tuition fees but stop acting like animals. The majority of the public support your cause, as do the majority of the police… however that support is yours to lose. Carry on acting like you’re the only victims in the cuts, carry on creating public disorder and you’ll lose it all.

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