Review // Girls – Broken Dreams Club


It wouldn’t be overstating it to say Girls’ debut record, the perfect bittersweet nymphomaniac pop of the awkwardly titled Album, was one of the overlooked highlights of last year. Right from the off though it is clear that the San Francisco duo won’t be letting down any expectations or breaking any fans hearts with the Broken Dreams Club EP.

Still just the right side of melancholy, Christopher Owens tenderly croons his overflowing thoughts across a more chilled, more polished soundscape than their previous material. The lively, horn-filled (is it acceptable to mention horns yet without the stigma of Mark Ronson coming to mind?) opener ‘Thee Oh So Protective One’ will ease you in for lead single ‘Heartbreaker’ to absolutely nail it.

With lyrics such as “there’s a voice in the back of my head that says you’re always going to be alone/go turn the TV on and turn off the telephone” Owens captures the disappointment and self-loathing of a devastating break-up with touching simplicity, in a way that anyone can relate to.

Closer ‘Carolina’ is an even great portent of things to come, a 7 minute sunstroke hallucination of a pop song that blossoms into a great little Southern garage riff. It’s a double edged sword though, as the EP highlight, perhaps the greatest thing they’ve yet to do, is followed by the realisation that that’s it. At half an hour the party is cut short.

The fact that Girls have tracks this stellar to spare for a 30 minute EP though speaks volumes, and it’s a great reminder that they’re still there and that an inevitably amazing second album is only a matter of time away. And the waiting is ok, because Broken Dreams Club will see you through.

Broken Dreams Club is out now on True Panther Records, You can check out the track ‘Hearbreaker’ below.