Superhero Me


Gotham City was patrolled by Batman, Metropolis was swooped on by Superman and now the Great British towns of Sutton and Epsom can call on their own real-life superhero.

A costumed crime fighter by the name of SOS has launched a crusade to uphold good on the streets of the two slightly less glittering towns.

This fly on the wall documentary follows film maker Steve Sale on his journey to becoming the real life superhero known as SOS.

Enlisting help from comic book experts, martial art instructors, and other real life “superheroes” such as Master Legend from Florida and Entomo from Italy, we discover what it takes to become a real life costumed crime fighter.

Directed and created by Steve Sale, made on a budget of £1000 and with all strings on show, this is DIY filmaking at its best. Stupidly charming and unusually hilarious, this is an honest and engaging makeshift documentary.

Superhero Me is out soon on DVD, for a more indepth review check out the Little White Lies blog or check out the trailer below.