New Blood: Various Cruelties


Formed over a rant about the differences between Sam Cooke, Arcade Fire, Etta James and MGMT, Various Cruelties are a White City, London four piece who are looking to make their dent in the current musical Landscape.

Barely out of the dingy practice room the band have already supported The Villagers and played at Mumford & Sons Communion club night. They are finding their feet as they go and playing their cards close to their chest, the bands only online presence is a bare BandCamp page with two tracks on it…But this isn’t some garage band that’s boasting some piss poor Mp3’s or terrible live recordings, they smack of professionalism and promise –  every aspect of the band’s image and presence is been carefully doled out.

Sitting somewhere between Arcade Fire & Mumford & Sons, with the demeanour of a more laid back Jack Penate, Various Cruelties are prepping to charm the folksy socks off the UK indie scene.

You can catch them live tomorrow night at London’s White Heat night @ Madame Jojo’s in support of The Vaccines. Or check out the latest tracks from the band below.