The Black Keys – Rock City, Nottingham


The cider soaked floors of Rock City were braced for a night of pure rock and soul, as the Ohio ‘brothers’ the Black Keys brought their world tour to Nottingham.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Black Keys are the power house of blues/rock, even with just two of them on stage it was almost overpowering with the amount of rip roaring riffs produced from Dan Auerbach’s guitar, and his supreme vocals, and Pat Carney’s chaotic yet implacably rhythmic drumming, was just a force to be reckoned with. They defiantly put the rock in Rock city Thursday night – excuse the pun.

Going through their back catalogue of hits, ‘10 am automatic’, ‘the break’ and the superbly soulful ‘girl is on my mind’, displays their past decade of raw genius, that has been highly understated until their latest realise ‘Brothers’ – that has hit the charts big time.

This was evident in the crowd’s reaction as the deep thud of ‘everlasting light’ bellowed through out the room, where Dan and Pat were joined by some other Keys. This album deserves everything it gets; it is back to back blues rock at its finest that just leaks coolness with every listen, and puts the White Stripes in the shade.

The catchy single ‘next girl’ and the whistles of ‘tighten up’ were received very well, however, I reckon some people were just there to look cool – that I hate. Ending on the powerful ‘strange times’ and ‘I got mine’ from their ‘Attack & Release’ album in 2008 left the crowd in rapture and rounded of a superb performance.

If you want to be in with the cool kids (not a pretend one), get into the Black Keys.

The Black Keys Latest album ‘Brothers’ is out now on Nonesuch Records, you can check out their latest single ‘Tighten Up’ below.