Paramore + B.O.B, Motorprint Arena

As I made my way to the Motorprint Arena to see Paramore, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. My past encounters with the band have been in small, intimate venues. I was eager to see if they would be able to pull off a great performance in an arena show.
The lights fell on an adoring crowd. Screams and cheers could be heard in anticipation for what was to come. On the stage, all that could be seen were the silhouettes of the band. As the curtain fell, the band kicked into their first song, “Ignorance”, from their latest album, Brand New Eyes (released 29 September 2009). Prior to the show, Hayley had tweeted that her throat felt as if it had a hundred knives jabbing it, but you certainly would not have known from her performance with the singer dominating the stage throughout. The only disappointment was Josh Farro who was looking less than pleased to be there. Despite the surly lead guitarist, the band was on top form, playing songs from all four albums. Mid-show, the band decided to do a short acoustic set. The atmosphere had quickly lost momentum, and the crowd seemed to be losing interest. Hayley took to rallying people out of their seats, shouting, “You’re at a rock’n’roll gig! If I could, I would have ripped all the seats out of this arena!” The band kicked into “CrushCrushCrush”, and the arena was filled with adrenaline and excitement once again. With the crowd enthralled, Hayley thanked the fans for sticking with them before finishing their set with “The Only Exception”.

As the band departed the stage, the crowd frantically cheered in hopes of an encore. Not wanting to disappoint the admiring crowd, the band delivered, coming back to play, “Brick By Boring Brick”, and finishing with “Misery Business”. On the final song, Hayley asked for one fan to be brought up to the stage to sing the final chorus. Fans were screaming and clambering their way closer to the stage, hoping to be the chosen one. One lucky individual got the chance and took full advantage, singing every word.

To sum up, Paramore’s live show more that lives up to the hype that surrounds them. For a band that used to play to a few hundred people just a few short years ago to play to 10,000 people and still maintain the same buzzing atmosphere…well, that’s a pretty incredible feat. Hats off.

You can check out a gallery of shots from gig below. All shot by James Arnold.