Ellie Goulding – Engine Shed, Lincoln


Goulding brought ‘Lights’ to a miserable rainy night in Lincoln, giving her all in a phenomenally active performance for her first time in the city, which left many ‘Starry eyed’.

It seems things have stepped up a notch since I last saw Ellie live, a huge screen, backing singers, masses of drums and a bow tie. Goulding appeared drumstick in hand to an animated crowd pounding her way into ‘Under the sheets’ – she certainly hit the ground running. Her appearance was angelic, but don’t let that fool you because this girl can belt out a tune, as she goes into ‘This love’. The performance felt personal, like a journey, as she gave a montage dedicated to her fans which was very humbling and refreshing to see. Running is one of Ellie’s other passion and she paced through her debut album ‘Lights’ like an athlete. Ellie then went acoustic with a cover of Midlake’s track ‘Roscoe’ and the brilliantly soft ‘Sweet Disposition’ by Temper Trap which displayed her vocal range beautifully.

The encore saw a new track being played ‘Human’ which will be featured on the re-release of ‘Lights’. This showed Ellie’s continuation of upbeat and chirpy rhythmic tempo that was received very well by onlookers. Ending on the formidable ‘Starry eyed’, obviously; most were waiting for this one. Such a genuine and seductive performance that makes the future bright for Miss Goulding, but the second album has a lot to live up to…

You can check an excellent gallery of shots from the gig below. All shots from James Arnold.