Faux Mix Series #007 // MikiX The Cat



We have another edition to our mixtape series and this time its from MikiX The Cat.

Mike Gnacadja, better known as Mikix The Cat, is a 23-year-old musical wonder that hails from Paris, France. This former b-boy got involved with music at the young age of 6, embracing and combining hip-hop, Eurodance, and Afro-beat. By the time he was 14, he was making mixtapes for breakdance crews and had discovered the joy of DJing.

After raising funds DJing at local birthdays and bar mitzvahs, Mikix bought his first laptop in 2007 and started producing hip-hop-infused breaks and beats.

His first release Dead Disco was actually a session out-take of him trying to emulate disco, but after positive feedback it spread like wildfire over the blogosphere, spurred on he decided to blend all his influences into producing heavy 4/4 sounds, and he hasn’t looked back since.

MikiX has dropped us a great new mix to add to our Mixtape series, check it out below, along with a quick interview with Mike. You can also check out his latest Ep ‘Girls Keep On Wondering’, out now on Trouble & Bass.

So, who is Mikix The Cat and what do you do?
MikIX The Cat is a crazy music producer and he likes to DJ. The guy behind the cat is a 23 year old human from Paris named Mike Gnacadja.

How did you get involved with the Trouble & Bass Crew?
It was back when MySpace was cool, I remember sending demos to a lot of people and 4 months later (yes 4…) Luca aka Drop The Lime aka Roast Master asked me if I was down to release a single on Trouble & Bass. The Freeze EP was released in November 2008, and soon after I met Patrick and Luca in New York and spent a week at their place, and now they are like members of my family which is hard for a lonely cat. After that I met Star Eyes and AC Slater and I fell in love with them too! <3

What defines the Mikix The Cat sound?
It’s all in the kick! I build my track around drums and whatever if it’s a big club sound, and if it’s soft I try to keep it groovy with my buddy “low frequency”… as a black guy has to make music.

Has music always been a big part of your life?
Yes, when I was young music was everywhere in the house. It was like a big club with different styles in every room, hip hop in my brother’s, dance in my sister’s and African and the classics from my mother’s. Oh and 9 years of breakdancing helped me, I just stoped 2 years ago to focus on producing.

Is producing something you always wanted to do?
Yes producing but not music, first it was drawing then designer then fashion designer then designer for video games… I still draw because I love it. Maybe I can try and make one of these other things bigger someday… 🙂

What angle did you attack the mix you did for Faux at? What did you want to show?
This mix is the music that I love and that has inspired me a lot – groovy, powerful, catchy, crazy vocals, chopped samples…wowowowow so good!
I would love it if someone booked me to only play old dance music one day… can you hear me?

Favourite track in the mix?
Byron Stingley – Love You The Right Way (MK Mix)

Favourite track of the moment?
En Vogue – Hold On (I have a secret private edit of this track… ok it’s not so secret anymore…)

Thank you for your time today good sir, and i’ll leave you with one last question, Where did the name come from?
My name is Mike I love cats and the number 9 which is the number of lives a cat has (in some countrie it’s 7…) so IX = 9 /Mike nine/ Mik 9/ Mik IX / and the cat just to be sure = MikIX The Cat. Also My KICKS for my phat KICKS!

Thanks to youuuu, and follow my adventure on my website www.addmike.com 🙂