BOBCOM is a brand new musical social network, What? Like M-FLOW? No, more like an evolution of the only feature anyone still uses on Myspace, band/artist profiles with music hosting, crossed with a retail platform like iTunes; only independent and with each artist having full control.

BOBCOM members can upload and sell their work at rates higher than those available anywhere in the music industry in a uniquely transparent exchange. They can interact with followers and fans in a mutually empowering way, find fellow musicians to collaborate and gig with, advertise their work, network their progress and – best of all – engage in an unending series of career-boosting free competitions that involve no judges or juries, only their peers among the BOBCOM community.

BOBCOM is a musical social network, but one led by the artist’s and powered by fan support. Dubious about the scale of it? Well the first competition for artists on the site is a weeks recording at Abbey Road! Beat that?  And if that hasn’t intrigued you, then this might, BOBCOM is also to become a TV show later this year, featuring established acts playing alongside BOBCOM members and providing a unique platform for exposure.

Want to find out more, check out BOBCOM.COM Or check out their confusing viral promotional video below…