Mumdance – Mum Decent EP

Picturing a face to a name, the bones to a title; the curiosity is intense- the hope that the person lives up to what they’ve created is an even stronger desire. When Mumdance began releasing hot remix after hot remix, track after track of lip-biting dance floor fuel; there was serious doubt: would he be as hot, as cool? Any EP stands as a proof of worth, a track listing of give-me-some-spotlight. After so many drops, heart flattening failures- I can’t be let down again; it’s getting boring.

But with a first EP as good as Mum Decent; Mumdance can wipe his brow. We shouldn’t have worried, I shouldn’t have been so inanely skeptical: Mum Decent is fucking cool.

Standing at only 3 tracks; he needs no more. As a product of Diplo’s Made Decent label- it’s literal, digital gold. With the borrowed vocals of Esser; Don’t Forget Me Now holds a signature, a definitive. Biting into Mum Decent; tastes are satisfied, decadently salivated: funk: yes, grime: yes, bass: can’t-get-enough, yes. With a kaleidoscopic measure; Mumdance has pulled in the props of how to turn a dead-dancefloor into something debauched, sweaty, alive. Get excited.

The Mumdecent EP is out now on Mad Decent, check out the lead single ‘Don’t Forget Me Now’ Ft Esser below.