Auditory Pleasures // #44

Doncamatic is the brand new standalone single from Gorillaz which is set for release November 22nd. Featuring the androgynous vocals of Daley the track moves away from the dark undertones of Plastic Beach and towards a more free spirited and energetic sound.

Gorillaz ft. DaleyDoncamatic (All Played Out)

Here’s another track courtesy of Converse, this time featuring Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and New Order/Joy Division legend Bernard Sumner. To begin with Didn’t Know What Love Was sounds distinctly Hop Chip-esq, however as you delve deeper into the track itself New Order influences become more and more evident.

Hot Chip & Bernard Sumner – Didn’t Know What Love Was

On the back of their latest album Everything In Between, No Age have made the next single from the album, Fever Dreaming, available to stream before it’s December release. Full of reverb and feedback the screeching guitars and fuzzy vocals make for cacophonous yet rewarding listen which epitomises No Age’s new album.

No AgeFever Dreaming

No Age – Fever Dreaming by Toast Press

Complimented by a pounding backing track Zola Jesus’ harmonic vocals cut a strong figure to avoid being drowned out; as far from subdued as you can get, the instrumentation continues to build, encouraging Danilova’s vocals to the forefront more out of necessity than choice. Poor Animal is taken from Zola Jesus’ upcoming Valusia EP.

Zola JesusPoor Animal

Zola Jesus – Poor Animal by souterraintransmissions

Flux Pavilion has just released a thumping remix of Chapel Club’s new single, ‘All The Eastern Girls’. It’s a driving noisy dubstep romp and altogether completely different sound to the Chapel Club original.

Chapel ClubAll The Eastern Girls