Auditory Pleasures // #43

It’s time for our friday morning auditory pleasures. Checking out the hottest new music from anywhere and everywhere.

Genre blurring James Blake returns with a minimalist piano driven number from his latest EP. For want of a better genre it seems Blake has often been categorised as dubstep, a label which never quite fit. His latest work pushes away the boundaries created by journalists, bloggers and fans alike even more, it’s experimental, thought-provoking and a true journey through Blake’s creative mind.

James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now)

I Only Know What I Know Now- James Blake by Anorak London

Glasser aka Cameron Mesirow has been receiving a huge amount of attention on the back of her track Home and in the run up to her debut album Ring (which is out now). Mesirow’s powerful vocals and almost ethereal chanting in Plane Temp are siren like, reeling you in with each listen.

GlasserPlane Temp

Jamie from The xx follows up on a number of remixes with his first solo track proper. Far Nearer is a steel-drum infused track which Jamie worked on during his free time while touring.

Jamie xxFar Nearer

I can’t imagine Deerhunter being the first band which would cross any remixers mind when deciding on their next project. Diplo and Lunice, however, manage to take Deerhunter’s Helicopter (the standout track from their new album) and add another more electronic dimension to the record.

DeerhunterHelicopter (Diplo & lunice Remix)