The Last Exorcism



The Last Exorcism is a new fake documentary  horror film directed and edited by Daniel Stamm (A Necessary death) & produced by Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel, Inglorious Basterds).

The film is told from the perspective of a disillusioned evangelical minister Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian), who after years of performing exorcisms agrees to participate in a documentary chronicling his very last exorcism while simultaneously exposing the fraud of his ministry & practice. The subject is chosen at random from a pile of letters and he is introduced to a farmers daughter ‘Nell’ who her family believe is possessed by the devil.

The film is more of a fake documentary in the style of the Blair Witch rather than the recent influx of “found footage” films like Paranormal Activity.  The film doesn’t quite fully deliver on its Blair Witch promises, but does bring plenty of chills and a level of originality and clever production to the genre. The Last Exorcism is a great piece of work and walks a fine line between horror-thriller & very very dark comedy, its very aware of its self and that plays to it’s advantage.

The Last Exorcism is in cinemas from today , and you can find out more about the film here. Or you can check out the trailer below.