Jamie Reynolds vs Jack Bond


VBS.TV has just launched a trailer for what looks to be an in depth look into one of the UK’s most celebrated Avant Garde film makers Jack Bond. Labelled as one of the most radical filmmakers in the UK and with a career that has lasted over fifty years he has redefined documentary, art-house drama, music video and television. Jamie Reynolds is lead-singer of Klaxons and a big fan of Bond’s work, and after begging Vice to set up a meeting; he finally gets to interview the auteur.

Jamie and Jack spend the day together in Hampstead pubs recounting Jack’s tales of loosing 50 mental patients on a shoot, bumping into famous friends, and discussing Jack’s relationship with Jane Arden. Eventually, drunk, they finally end up at the fun fair, reciting poetry on the teacups.

One of Bonds most celebrated and famous works is ‘Dali In New York”. In 1965, Bond, then 28, spent two weeks with Salvador Dali filming the revolutionary documentary ‘Dali in New York’ with his lover Jane Arden. They would remain the only film crew Dali would ever agree to work with. The pair worked together on a series of dense, obscure, psychedelic films: Separation (1967), The Other Side of the Underneath (1972), Vibration (1975), and Anti-Clock (1979). In 1982 Arden killed herself and Jack banished the films to the Technicolor vaults. They would remain there unseen for over 20 years, until the BFI released them on DVD last year. Jack’s work is now an inspiration for a new generation of avant garde, fearless filmmakers.

You can check out the trailer below or watch the first part on monday at VBS.TV.