Catfish – Official Trailer



Catfish is a controversial, heavily praised, highly original documentary from Henry Joost and Nev & Ariel Schulman.

This preview is going to be really hard to write, as the power of the film is in spacing between events, the event themselves and the emotional rollercoaster you go down with the characters. The last 40 minutes of the film are insane, come from nowhere and have to be seen to be believed; which is something some people are having a hard time with, is it real? The creators claim 100% that the whole thing is real, unstaged and completely true.

Ariel speaking to Movie fone said:

“Morgan Spurlock said to our producers [that] he loved the film. He thought it was the best fake documentary he’d ever seen. Zach Galifianakis, the great comedian, does not believe it’s true and cannot be swayed. If he wants to go as far as to say that, then I will say, “Zach, thank you. That makes Henry and I the two best screenwriters in Hollywood, and Nev is the best actor since Marlon Brando,” if that’s the case. You know we’re not that smart; we just have good instincts. We know when people are being fake.”

So whats it about? Well, Nev is a photographer in New York and has a still from Ariel & Henrys Ballet film “Opus Jazz” published. Soon after an 8 year old girl from Michigan sends a painting she did of it to Nev, they start communicating; They become Facebook friends in a network that broadens to Abby’s family, including her mother, Angela; Angela’s husband; and Abby’s attractive older half-sister Megan, a songwriter. Nev falls hard for Megan and they both start to sink into a heavy long distance relationship. But the family repeatedly turns down opportunities to actually meet Nev, so he and the boys secretly head to Michigan, armed with cameras, to find them… And thats where I stop talking.

Do not read spoilers, do not get told about the film, just be patient and wait for either a UK cinema release to be confirmed or buy the DVD when its out next year. Catfish is the result of so many perfect coincidence’s neatly falling into place (which is why so many question its authenticity) and been captured by two very gifted filmmakers with an eye for truth. Who cares if it turns out to be fake, it’s still great filmmaking.

The trailer is below, by all means watch it, but do be aware, whoever cut the trailer together, clearly thinks of this as some sort of Blair Witch Esq piece. It isnt. Catfish is not a horror film, its not even a “shit you up” documentary, It’s tragic real life.