New Blood: Ocelot


Ocelot, are without a doubt, worthy of yours, and everyone else’s attention. The pair, consisting of Cory Kilduff from Dallas Texas, and James Welsh from Keighley, Yorkshire, have been on both the British and American radars for quite some time now. After forming just over three years ago from the ashes of their Austin based hardcore band The Rise, the two of them began remixing various local Texas based hardcore bands tracks, to a very excited response.

After this initial excitement they continued to remix tracks using the skills they had honed in the time in their previous band, where they both were in control of on stage electronics and vocals. Gradually the duo began to gain the interest of the blogging world, and it was at this time I first came across them. After playing countless shows, DJing in hundreds of clubs all over the US and being asked to remix tracks by esteemed acts including Röyksopp, Robyn, and The Killers, Ocelot slowly but surely were making a name for themselves.

Three years on Ocelot are based in the UK in Leeds, and have just released their new single ‘Beating Hearts’ on Wall Of Sound Records. A perfect blend of catchy electro, and thumping house, the new single is guaranteed to propel the trans-Atlantic duo to international success. The new single includes five sweet remixes by acts including house DJ Louis La Roche, Blende – another duo from London, and Seismal D, an electronica producer from Italy.

With tons of festival appearances this summer, including a main stage appearance at this year’s Creamfields alongside Deadmau5, Audio Bullys and David Guetta, expect to be hearing a lot of good things about Ocelot over the summer, if not before.

Both this new single and previous single ‘Our Time’ are incredibly catchy dance tracks, that will no doubt be loved by avid fans of electro, and impartial listeners alike. Our Time is available to buy on iTunes right now.

For regular updates, follow Ocelots blog –, Their Album ‘No Requests’ is out now on Wall Of Sound. You can also catch the lads on the Boxfreshers tour, about to hit University’s everywhere, along side Rev John McClure’s new band RSS, MixMag dj’s and whole host of interactive events and pop up promotions from the Boxfresh team & Fifa. Tour dates are below!