Auditory Pleasures #42


Checking out the hottest new music from anywhere and everywhere.

Major Lazer remix of Mark Ronson’s squeaky clean The Bike Song tears the track apart giving it that instantly recognisable Major Lazer sound. Although sounding rather fragmented the remix takes on it’s own life mashing Ronson’s track with reggae dancehall roots.

Mark Ronson & The Business IntlThe Bike Song (Major Lazer Remix)

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – “The Bike Song” (Major Lazer Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome

The Frownies, as the band point out here, are Twin Sister’s playful alter ego, an imaginary group of goths who wear turtle necks and capes. Meet The Frownies is our introduction to said group via a dark melodic track and the haunting vocals of Andrea Estella.

Twin SisterMeet The Frownies

Klaxons have their fair share of great cover version, ranging from their take on Blackstreet’s No Diggity to Justin Timberlake’s My Love the band continue their collection of amazing covers by taking on the biggest name in pop. Although not quite on the grand scale of Lady Gaga’s original this acoustic cover of Bad Romance certainly have an ear for a melody.

KlaxonsBad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)

Rather sprung upon us, a brand new 7 track EP from British Sea Power is a great treat. Title track and our first preview, Zeus is epic at it’s quietest. Hitting you with everything the band can sonically the track strides it’s way through numerous changes of pace before peaking upon the final chorus.

British Sea PowerZeus