Eels – Tomorrow Morning

The final album in Mark “E” Everett’s concept album trilogy which started with 2009’s ‘Hombre Lobo’ and was followed by ‘End Times’ earlier this year. The three albums respectively explore themes of desire, loss, and redemption, all triggered by Mark’s divorce.

‘Tomorrow Morning’ is easily the most joyful of the 3 albums and Mark seems to have made headway into abandoning his bleak world view and embracing the idea that things arent always as bad as they seem. Even straight of the bat, track titles like “This is Where it Gets Good” and “I Like the Way This is Going” give an idea of the more upbeat nature of the album. The small change of heart makes this an interesting addition to the Eels back catalogue and one that may mark a tipping point for years to come.

Having said all that, fans of the Eels and Mark’s work wont find themselves lost in unfamiliar sounds, as we have on display the usual array of organs, strings and distorted guitars, often layered over plentiful electronics and glitchy synths. My only critiscms with the album lie in the depth of its content and lack of consistency, leading me to question whether Mr Everett is writing too fast for his own good.

Tomorrow Morning is out today on E Works. You can check out more about Eels here, or stream most of the album via their Myspace. You can also check out the wonderful video for lead single “Spectacular Girl” Below.