Travis Millard


Travis Millard is an L.A based artist & skateboarder who creates surreal, abstract illustration that works to challenge modern ideals and most importantly; amuse. His professional portfolio to date includes album covers for The Get Up Kids, The Movies, EL-P, We Are The Radio & Megapuss. Box art for Burton Snow boards. A signature shoe for Vans. As well as a growing portfolio of illustrative work for several publications on the Chronicle books & Volcom Publishing imprints, as well as his own Fudge Factory comics zine line.

He has just dropped his first solo book entitled “Hey Fudge” released through Narrow Books, “Hey Fudge is the first solo book featuring his art and comics, including many pieces previously only published by hand in small batches at the artist’s studio. Presented within are dreamscapes populated by odd and amusing characters, biting caricatures of neo-conservatives, and a thirty page opus entitled “Michael Jackson in Exile,” starring a timid-looking pop star cast out of society and into the threatening jungles of Borneo.” It’s one of the most intriguing and complete art books i’ve seen in a while, cover to cover your slapped in the face with Travis’s unique humour and god given talent.

You can grab “Hey Fudge” here. for only $30 and find out more about Travis here. Or you can gently scroll down the page for a gallery of his work. Enjoy.